Definitely opposed to retail development at Trinity Site

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By The Staff

Why do we need the Trinity Project? Does the county need it or want it, or does the school board need money?

If the schools need money, there are most likely better ways to obtain it than at the expense of the future of Los Alamos’ downtown.

If the council wants it, you would have to do a lot of explaining to the voters why and for what purpose we, the voters, still need it after we have experienced a significant economic downturn.

Furthermore, the Mari-Mac shopping center is already located far from “downtown” and it is one eyesore to which a former county council must have agreed. It is certainly being operated without regard to any ideas of esthetics or beauty, let alone proper maintenance.

Do we really want to add another development by an absentee landlord that will be eyesore 10 years from now?

Last but not least, does Los Alamos really need a box store? It may be cheaper, but it will certainly crowd out our existing retailers who are presently meeting most of our needs in a very personal and professional manner.

And what is going to happen when the owner of the box store finds out that the business volume is simply not there and consequently abandons the venture?

A compact, walkable downtown will attract retailers without any doubt. That is where the shopping will be done.

Look at the many small or midsize towns that have turned the principle of providing restaurants, shops, banks, post offices and town halls in one compact area into vibrant successes.

Los Alamos prides itself of having a rather sophisticated  population. That population would appreciate a rather sophisticated downtown.

In conclusion, we very much urge you to rethink the entire question of future town center development. Let it be driven by the the people of the county and not by eager developers or a school board that needs money.

We are strongly opposed to any retail development at the Trinity Site.