A debt that can never be repaid

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By The Staff

This intangible thing we call freedom is interpreted differently by just about every individual, but one aspect that’s not open for debate is that we enjoy freedom because of the sacrifices made by countless veterans of our armed forces. We must never question that freedom is worth fighting for.

The men and women of this country’s military have always exemplified valor, courage and bravery. The sacrifices they’ve made down through the years allow us all to revel in the freedom we have today.

The greatness of America’s armed forces has liberated countries, freed the oppressed, toppled tyrants and dethroned dictators. But not without sacrifice; there’s virtually no corner of this globe where American soldiers and sailors have not spilled blood.

Thus, we may often speak of freedom yet we rarely speak of those to whom we owe it.

Many of this country’s veterans have experienced first hand the inexplicable terror of battle, and the sheer horror of war and they understand, perhaps better than most of us, just how valuable this thing freedom really is to our way of life.

America’s veterans have bravely carried the torch of liberty in battles on beaches, mountains, deserts, jungles, islands, oceans, farms, fields and forests; oftentimes enduring extreme conditions of heat, cold, rain, snow — all while doing battle. That’s courage.

The debate rages on about today’s current conflicts and President Obama will soon announce his decision on sending more troops to Afghanistan. But if you’re going to help a country stabilize its government and rid itself of terrorist thugs, there’s nobody better to do the job than the American military.

On this day, Veterans Day, it’s our turn to salute you all. We owe you a debt that can never be repaid. Thank you for your service to this great country.