De Ja vous, all over again

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By Richard Hannemann

Dear Editor,

Hmmm, skate park is going to court. This seems familiar. Remember when NNSA wanted to put in a security perimeter including West Jemez Road? Recall their tactics? Remember how the county council, same folks as we have now, screamed holy heck about being left out of the loop, ignored, and just being steamrolled?

Didn’t they go to court about that? Didn’t NNSA just motor on with their little project and by the time the county had “won,” the West Jemez guard shacks were a fait accompli.

So what’s the difference between the NNSA’s approach to their little project, and the council’s approach to their various CIP projects; skate park, Municipal Building, Trinity, Airport Basin, etc.? How come it is OK for the council to engage in the same tactics now that they previously found so reprehensible when they were on the receiving end?

Ya gotta wonder....................

Los Alamos