Day of enchantment of Los Alamos

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Enter a photo and win a chance at a $10,000 first prize

By The Staff

The Los Alamos Monitor and Chamber of Commerce are partnering to support a statewide initiative called “Day of Enchantment.”

Day of Enchantment is a promotional campaign by the New Mexico Department of Tourism (NMDOT), to highlight New Mexico’s many interesting places, attractions, landscapes, events and activities.

Individuals, businesses and organizations are invited to upload a photo and a short description of their own day of enchantment to the NMDOT Web site at www.dayofenchantment.com where it will be displayed throughout the summer.  Uploads made through June are entered into a contest boasting a $10,000 first prize.

The Los Alamos area is already beginning to be quite well represented on the NMDOT site and the Monitor and Chamber are out to encourage the growth in entries featuring the local community and area.  

“Monitor Publisher Keven Todd and I talked about it and we thought this kind of promotion could be a great way for our community to exhibit its pride by showing off what people think are

distinctive days of enchantment we have to offer to visitors to our area,”  said Chamber Executive Director Kevin Holsapple.  “The State is promoting the idea of New Mexicans touring within New Mexico and entries that show off our area will help to get people interested in visiting here.”   

Chamber businesses making special offers are featured on the site so it helps to promote them as well, he said.

To supplement the State contest, the Chamber and Monitor are developing local prizes for the best submissions featuring the local area. The local contest period will be open throughout the summer and winners will be announced in September.

The Monitor will select a local photo from the Day of Enchantment Web site to feature in each Wednesday edition of the newspaper.

Enter local photos at www.dayofenchantment.com.