Cranston to appear on PBS’ ¡Colores!

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The PBS weekly program ¡COLORES! will air an exclusive in-depth interview with Breaking Bad lead actor Bryan Cranston. The segment will be 9 p.m., Friday, Aug. 9.
In this candid interview, Cranston talks about saying goodbye to his role as Walter White, and highlights the importance of good writing and compelling storytelling. Cranston describes needing talent, patience, perseverance and no small amount of luck to be a success, and he tells what excites him about the acting profession.
“I’ve never been in it for fame and recognition or money, Cranston said. “My juice is the thrill and the empowerment that I get out of making people laugh or making people angry or scaring people or whatever the case may be. That’s where I get my excitement from.”
¡COLORES! is a weekly art series with stories devoted to the creative spirit. This series features local and national stories about film, visual and performing arts, theatre, photography, literature, painting, sculpture, poetry and dance. ¡COLORES! provides an in-depth look at the inspiration, challenges and processes of a wide range of artists.