Coverage sensationalistic and in poor taste

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Today, I decided to stop subscribing to the Monitor after being a faithful reader for 35 years.
Why? Because the paper has become a third rate gossip rag with old news, if any news, and the Monitor’s reporting of the “Bathtub Row Standoff” was the last straw.  
“Weapons cache seized” Cache? Really? Isn’t that a bit sensationalistic? Three guns and 1,000 rounds of ammo is hardly a cache. Any hunter or gun collector is likely to have more than that, and last I checked, it was still legal.
It’s clear that the man has mental health issues — hence the trip to Las Vegas. Putting a picture of his living room in the paper to prove the point was in bad taste. He’s mentally ill — even if he consented to the picture, the editor should have used better discretion than to publicly humiliate and shame someone who is ill.
Did we all need to know he had dead cats in the freezer? Probably not. Is dignity and privacy reserved for the sane only?
The treatment of this whole situation is a big, overblown bunch of drama in bad taste. Thanks, but no thanks.

Erika Gorman
Los Alamos