County working to move forward

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By Ralph Damiani

While we think there are serious questions remaining, we applaud the county for its continuing efforts to make the Trinity Place happen.

If the project really gets going to the level the county believes it will, surely all of us will be winners.

In these tough economic times, to accomplish such a feat would be a real achievement.

Agree or disagree, the work and perseverance put into the plan by county officials should only bring acknowledgement for a some hard work.

Good choice

One of our blessings has always been a good, concerned school board. The new one we have is no different.

We think that the selection of Joan Ahlers as president was a smart move.

One of the key issues facing the  board is the Trinity Project agreement and its completion with the county. No one is more familiar with this process than Ahlers and her participation in it is key.

Clearly, she has brought a level of competance and experience to the board that has been extremely helpful.

She should continue in her efforts for the schools and all of us.

Dropping provision positive

The Senate’s passage of the campaign reform law without sunset provisions is a very good thing.

The legislation caps donations to a candidate in a calendar year at $2,300 from an individual, $5,000 from a political committee and $10,000 from a political party.

The only problem is that our leaders can’t help but play politics and the bill does not become effective until 2011 – after the gubernatorial race.

Still, the bill is a good step forward. The Senate stripped the caps and that was a major flaw with the bill.

Common Cause New Mexico called the bill “a major piece of ethics legislation that will limit the undue influence of very large contributions on the political process.”

We can agree with some legislators that the measure is not strong enough. But it is a start. An important start and the Senate should get acknowledgement for doing the right thing.