County takes custody of Mourachov’s dogs

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By Tris DeRoma

Even though one of the charges against Pavel Mourachov involved “extreme animal cruelty,” there was a chance that Mourachov, who was sentenced and released on probation in June, was eventually going to get his male and female black Labradors back.
At the time of his arrest, police confiscated the dogs due to the severity of the charges. Los Alamos police said the dogs were in good condition, healthy and did not seem to have suffered any mistreatment at the time.
Mourachov was arrested back in May on domestic violence and animal cruelty charges, after police investigated a claim by neighbors that he had shot his own 18-year-old cat with a bow and arrow and placed it on their doorstep as some sort of a threat or warning to them. According to police, the cat was still alive at the time they found it, but it died on the operating table of a local veterinarian after attempts to remove the arrow proved unsuccessful.
Recently, the county officially took custody of the dogs, according to LAPD Sgt. Andrew Goldie.
“Their current status is the courts have claimed them as county property,” Goldie said.
Goldie also said that since Mourachov was released, he’s been making some attempts to get them back, even though he’s been placed on a strict GPS tracking program that limits his movements and time within Los Alamos County. His last known whereabouts is believed to be in Nambé.
“He has been calling the shelter, but hasn’t made any active attempts to get the dogs back,” Goldie said.
Goldie added that the dogs will now be placed in 10-day quarantine before being adopted back out again. He said the Friends of the Los Alamos Animal Shelter are currently eyeing giving them to a pet rescue organization in Colorado once the quarantine is up.
Shelter officials did not know the names of the dogs, but the policy is to rename all pets that come to the shelter, in this case, they said, the male is now called “Hopeful” and the female, “Loving.”