County should focus on greater good

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By The Staff

It was disheartening to hear that the school district feels that Los Alamos County is playing hard ball with our schools. Instead of reaching an agreement on the Trinity Site Project that will serve the schools, and thus the entire community, the county appears to have chosen to serve itself.


At Tuesday’s school board meeting, Superintendent Mary McLeod and School Board Vice President Joan Ahlers said they have had many meetings with the county, have seen document revision after document revision and they expressed their disappointment at the direction the county is taking.


Having just gone through the latest revisions, Ahlers said there were a lot of changes from the county that the school board will just have to muddle through. Items that were not part of the original discussions


Board President Steve Girrens expressed his dismay saying he feels the schools and county have lost their way from the original focus. McLeod and Ahlers are turning into human change control machines, saying that’s not what he had in mind and that something’s got to be done.


School Board member Alison Beckman has been involved in the process of working with the county on the project since its inception a couple of years ago and she has expressed total frustration.


The original discussion between the county and the schools has “all been blown out of the water,” she said Tuesday.


Beckman read the latest revisions issued by the county and said she wanted to just stop reading them because the county has opened up “so many holes and risks for the schools.”


The county is not dealing with some high-powered greedy for-profit corporation here. They are dealing with our schools. The entity that educates our children and the entity that we all know is undergoing difficult financial struggles.


This is not a negotiation in which the county should engage aggressive lawyers bent on taking the schools for everything they possibly can.


The county needs to rethink its strategy with reference to the schools on the Trinity Site Project. These negotiations have been dragging on far too long and seems to be only or the benefit of the county. That’s wrong.


It’s time for the county to come to a fair agreement on what’s right for the schools and in doing so – finalize the contract on this project as soon as possible.


The school board Tuesday voted to call a closed meeting between its five members and the county’s seven councilors to discuss the situation. We encourage council to advocate for a contract in which the schools are protected and treated fairly.


If that happens everybody wins.