County receives funds from DOT

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By Jennifer Garcia

Los Alamos will get more than $377,000 in state road monies.

The New Mexico Transportation Commission has approved more than $20 million in Local Government Road Funds to improve city and county roads, school bus routes and public school parking lots across the state.

The county is slated to receive $81,885 from the County Cooperative Agreements for FY 2009-2010 to go toward pavement rehabilitation and improvements of various county roads.

In addition, the county will receive $108,212 for improvements of various county roads from the School Bus Route Agreements.

Another $27,938 is being allotted from the County Arterial Program for pavement rehabilitation and improvements of various county roads.

The county is slated to receive $134,904 for Phase IV rehabilitation and reconstruction of Diamond Drive between Los Alamos Canyon Bridge and North Road.

Los Alamos Schools will receive $25,057 from the School District Cooperative Agreements for parking lot improvements on school district property. All funds are for FY2009-2010.

“We apply for the funding on a yearly basis, so it’s pretty routine,” Public Works Director Kyle Zimmerman said.

He also pointed out that a resolution has to go before council before an application for the funds is submitted.  

Zimmerman also said that the funding is going toward Diamond Drive Phase 4 because it’s considered a school bus route and arterial route.

Zimmerman said the number of miles determines the amount of funding that each county or town maintains.

“The funds are based on the number of miles the county maintains,” Zimmerman said. “We have over 107 miles of road that the county maintains.”

A press release from the New Mexico Department of Transportation outlined the various counties receiving funding, as well as the amounts they will receive.

“This commission is committed to building strong relationships with local and tribal governments and helping them improve their transportation infrastructure,” Transportation Commission Chairman Johnny Cope said in the press release.

Commissioner Roman Maes III from District 5 was quoted as saying,

“This is an important partnership with our local governments and school districts that will help make the necessary improvements needed throughout Northern New Mexico. We attract hundreds of thousands of tourists every year to this region and this funding will not only enhance safety for our residents and school children, but also to those who want to visit and explore Northern New Mexico.”

“I am pleased that we were able to identify so many projects throughout the state,” Transportation Secretary Gary L. J. Giron said in the press release. “Through this fund, several pressing transportation infrastructure needs will be addressed and in the end, the roadwork will have a positive impact throughout each community, easing traffic and enhancing travel for motorists.”

Included in the funding are $128,000 for street improvements in Bloomfield; $205,000 for various school districts; $479,000 for county road improvements. Also included in this is nearly $3 million to improve several city and county roads, school bus routes and public school parking lots in the Transportation District 5 that includes Los Alamos, Rio Arriba, San Juan, Santa Fe, Taos and Torrance counties.

According to the press release, the Local Government Road Fund was established to help local governments and school districts across the state.

As a condition of receiving these funds, local governments and school districts are required to match 25 percent of the state money.