The county has flag

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

One of the best kept secrets in Los Alamos County is the existence of a county flag which is displayed in the rotunda of the Roundhouse. According to the New Mexico Legislative Librarian, when the Roundhouse was renovated in 1990, someone decided there should be a display of New Mexico county flags. In about 1992 the flags were hung in the Roundhouse.

According to the County Administrator’s office, the flag is displayed at the state fair. We are celebrating the 60th birthday of the county, but the flag has not been displayed at any of the activities. I do not believe it has been displayed during the county fair parade. It is not displayed in the Council Chambers. It is not displayed in the Los Alamos History Museum.

The history behind the design of the flag, the names of those involved in the design, and the flag should be displayed at the history museum. The image should be on the county web pages. The flag should be in the council chambers. If it is displayed in the Roundhouse and at the state fair, it should be part of every day county life.

Patricia Max

Los Alamos