County Council honors Huber

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By Kirsten Laskey

Shirley Huber’s desk features a wide assortment of collectibles.
Among the neat rows of painted dishes and statuettes there is a Charlie Brown figurine that is hugging Snoopy, a stuffed Eeyore toy and a long line of miniature cars resembling characters from the movie, “Cars.” It’s a collection that could be spotted in just about any home and after working for Los Alamos County for 45 years it seems the office has become a home for Huber.
She now has something to add to the collection. The Los Alamos County Council recently took notice of Huber’s dedication to the county by issuing a proclamation that identified Nov. 16, 2010 as Shirley Huber Day.
Huber said, “it felt good” to receive this recognition from the council.
“I’ve known Shirley for as long as I’ve been in the county and that’s been six years,” County Administrator Tony Mortillaro said. “From the time I’ve met her … she always illuminated the traits we value here. She is customer–oriented, she always follows through on her commitments … she’s genuinely a good person and that is something I really appreciate.
“She’s a very nice person as well and is always very considerate of others. She gives a lot of time her time back to the organization in terms of her contributions,” Mortillaro said.  
According to Human Resources, Mortillaro said Huber has everyone beat on the longest employment.
“She definitely set a record,” he said.
Huber began working in the county as data entry clerk in 1965.
She currently works as an office specialist in the Information Technology Division. Huber’s responsibilities include purchase requisitions, payroll, ordering supplies for the office and other duties.
She has worked in the present location, which is located on the bottom level of Mesa Public Library, for three-and-a-half years.
Huber’s work with the county extends beyond the cubicle. She is involved in the county employee fund committee, which hosts an annual picnic for county staff, as well as county employee arts and craft fair.
The committee also adopts six families for Christmas. Huber explained she got involved in the committee because “I always like the
Christmas family (program) and I just stuck my nose in it and they just took me in,” she said. “I’ve been there ever since.”
Huber reaches out to her co-workers in other ways, too.
Whenever someone is celebrating a new baby or hosting a special event, Huber is there – either with a gift or a camera.
“I just love to do it,” she said. “I love to take pictures.”
Huber started working for Los Alamos even before it was incorporated and she has seen a lot of changes in the past 45 years.
She counts the new courthouse and the former municipal building being torn down as among the major changes she’s observed in the county during her career.
Not only is Huber a long-time county employee, but she is a long-time Los Alamos resident.
She said she first arrived in town when she was 16 months old. Huber graduated from Los Alamos High School in 1962. Her mother still lives in town.
Outside the office, Huber said she loves to knit and stays busy taking care of her lawn.
Looking to the future, Huber said she is just taking things day by day.
For those who are just starting out in the county, the seasoned employee has a word of advice – “just do your job real good. Like the people, like your boss,” she said.

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