County council displays good deal of foresight

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At the end of the Winter Solstice, our county council displayed great foresight and saved a significant amount of county tax revenue. They did this with two acts:
The first was to recognize the law as determined by a New Mexico judge. They did this despite the obvious pain it caused them that they were unable to provide voters with an opportunity to have a clear say on the new municipal building. By obeying the law, they avoided unnecessary court costs and costly delays in the construction of that building.
The second was to proceed with a contract for a new municipal building that exceeds current needs. The alternative, supported by a minority, was a building that would have been overcrowded from the day it opened. As the freeway disaster produced by former California Gov. Jerry Brown proved — “don’t build more and traffic won’t increase!” — this would only have led to the need to rent or construct yet more and less efficient space for county government.
The efficiencies of scale, including combining space for county records and historical archives, also saved on costs, as did moving with alacrity to take advantage of lower construction rates as the country continues to climb back out of a deep economic recession.
Only two councilors failed to recognize these points. Sadly, one even went so far as to reiterate a complete misunderstanding of the facts despite clear and cogent explanations by county staff of some admittedly confusing details.
I also wish to commend the council for acting patriotically — as the president has stated, those with reserves need to spend (at least some of) them to assist in the economic recovery.
It may be 20 years before they receive due credit, but let me say now:
Thank you, councilors!

Terry Goldman
Los Alamos