County clears up Trinity miscoceptions

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By Jennifer Garcia

No project ever goes off without a hitch.

This is especially true for projects in Los Alamos. The complete streets project on Trinity Drive hasn’t even begun yet and already there is public outcry about what may or may not be developed on that stretch of road.

During Tuesday night’s county council meeting, Los Alamos resident Howard Cady spoke to council regarding the plans for a complete street on Trinity Drive.

He said he wanted to alert council to the fact that there’s trouble coming.

Cady said he and his wife have been attending the meetings of the Downtown Streets Committee, as well as the public meetings that have been held to discuss the project. Because of these meetings, Cady said he felt compelled to address council.

He followed up those comments in an interview Thursday.

“It has looked to me like they are ignoring the engineering problems with what they’re trying to do. I don’t think that all of the members of the council were aware that was going on,” Cady said.

He says his main concern was to wake the council up and get them to pay more attention to what their boards were doing.