Council wrong on skate park

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By The Staff

Tuesday evening, July 29, 2008, our, OUR, elected county council again reaffirmed their previous wrong decisions about the proposed concrete skate park. For reasons unknown they voted to commence construction of the skate park in the front yard of the library in clear lack of regard of the preferences of we who elected them. Our congratulations to Nona Bowman for being aware of the wishes of the community and voting to reject the issue at hand.

A skate park in use will certainly be a noisy activity and properly so. Successful execution of difficult athletic activities demand a whoop and a holler of triumph and this is acceptable, but not at the library.

The council allowed itself to get entangled in its own web of rules and regulations and believed they were required to ignore the input of we voters. I propose that they find some way to wipe the slate clean, begin again, and listen to the wishes of us, who pay the taxes.

William R. Stratton

Los Alamos