Council seeks input on Trinity Place

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By Jennifer Garcia

They may not have said much at the July 23 County Council meeting, but Los Alamos residents are giving councilors an earful now

Councilor Ralph Phelps said during an interview this morning that he’s receiving approximately 50 e-mails a day from residents who want to voice their opinions regarding Trinity Place.

During the July 23 special session, which focused on the status of negotiations with The Boyer Company and what has occurred since January 2007 when negotiations began, three possible choices were presented to council regarding a path forward for the Trinity Place development.

The first choice suggested negotiating with Boyer without executing a development agreement, but begin testing the market for other opportunities (this is the current path). The second path called for the county to sign a development agreement with Boyer.

However, if Boyer does not agree, then the county would proceed to path 3. Path three suggests that negotiations with Boyer be discontinued and a new RFP document be issued, that would help the county select a new developer.

During the special session, only a handful of residents took the opportunity to address council during the public comment portion of the meeting.

Before the meeting adjourned, Council Chair Michael Wheeler encouraged the public to submit their comments regarding the three choices to councilors before the Aug. 13 council meeting.

In an effort to get as much feedback as possible, Phelps and Councilor Sharon Stover manned a booth at the Farmers Market Thursday morning. The duo accepted public comment and talked to residents about which path they’d like to see council take.

“We had a table set up with information about Trinity Place, to try and get as much public opinion as possible,” Phelps said. He said the public was afforded the opportunity to make written comments and they were also encouraged to submit comments via e-mail.

Stover said councilors will continue to be available to speak with residents regarding the path forward. They will be at the Farmers Market again this Thursday and Stover, as well as Councilor Nona Bowman plan to have a booth set up at Los Alamos National Bank on Friday, where they will be available to speak with the public and take their comments.

Stover also said that Wheeler plans to speak to the League of Women Voters.

“We’ve asked people to give us input on Trinity. We’re at a crossroads, where should we go?” she said, “It’s helpful when you have a one-on-one exchange because you get to talk to people more. You can ask them questions as to why they think the way they do about something. It’s a good opportunity.”

Stover said that people are very engaged when it comes to the Trinity Place topic. “I was very impressed that a lot of folks were well up to speed on where we’re at. They gave their input and you could talk about that input in depth,”  she said.

Phelps said the process, so far has been a good one. “We’ve had more comments on this issue than any other, so far,” he said.

Stover, Phelps and Wheeler will be at the Farmers Market Thursday. Stover and Bowman will be at LANB from 11:30-1 p.m. Friday and council will also have a booth at the County Fair on Saturday Comments can be e-mailed to councilors or dropped off at the building at 2541 Central Ave.