Council to consider property standards

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By Arin McKenna

Anne Laurent’s understanding of what residents are looking for in code enforcement for property maintenance has evolved during the 12 months she has been director of the Community and Economic Development Department. 

“When people asked for more proactive code enforcement they really wanted property maintenance standards. And that’s two different things,” Laurent said. “And we don’t currently have property maintenance standards beyond weeds, rubbish, structural failure and parking inoperable vehicles.”

A large number of complaints coming to CEDD have to do with exterior maintenance: loose siding or roofing materials, holes in exterior walls, broken or missing windows, fences in disrepair and houses perpetually under construction.

The current code addresses none of those issues. So CEDD staff is proposing the county adopt sections 301 and 304 of the 2009 International Property Maintenance Code (IMPC) regarding exterior maintenance standards.

Section 301 governs minimum conditions and the responsibilities of homeowners for maintenance of structures, equipment and exterior property. 

Section 304 states the exterior of a structure shall be maintained in good repair, structurally sound and sanitary so not to pose a threat to the public health safety or welfare.