Construction Zone 08-07-11

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Public Works Projects:
For more information about the projects listed below, please e-mail lacpw@lacnm.us or call  662-8150.

Diamond Drive Phase 4
Traffic control will remain as is with two northbound and two southbound lanes, with work occurring in the center of Diamond. Traffic will be split around the work area. During non-peak hours, there will be occasional left lane closures throughout the work zone.
The next hurdle will be the tie-in of the project between West Road and Los Alamos Canyon Bridge. This work is expected to occur on the weekends of Aug 13 and Aug 20 when traffic volumes are reduced. The traffic control will include dropping traffic to one lane in each direction on the bridge to approximately West Road.
Open Graded Friction Course, the final pavement application, will be placed over the entire project from the Los Alamos Canyon Bridge abutment to just south of Sycamore, as well as at all the intersections in between. Prep work is scheduled to begin Aug 11, with application occurring the following week, weather permitting. Additional information will be included in next week’s construction update.
Northbound from the Bridge – Expect two northbound lanes with left turns at West Road, and Canyon Road (Sullivan Field). No lefts onto Trinity; use West or Sandia.  Right lane is for right turns onto West Road (hospital access) and the eastbound Trinity slip lane. Through lane continues through work zone with right turns allowed at Canyon.
Southbound from University Drive – Expect two southbound lanes with a left / through lane at Canyon and a left only at Trinity. The right lane will be the through lane. Right turns allowed onto Canyon (Sullivan Field), Trinity, and West Road.
Transit: The southbound Park & Ride bus stop between Trinity and West Road is open. The northbound Park & Ride bus stop in front of the hospital is open. The southbound Atomic City Transit bus stop on Diamond Drive at the Lemon Lot is open. The bus stop north of Canyon near the Griffith Gym parking lot continues to be closed; use the bus stop near Orange.
Barranca Mesa Phase 2 Paving Project
Work has been delayed due to the rain. El Conejo paving should resume on Monday; milling on Venado will also continue on Monday with paving anticipated Aug 11 and 12. While Venado is being paved, crews will begin milling El Viento south of Barranca Road. Residents will receive a notice 48 hours before construction begins in their area with additional information. Note that personal vehicles may remain in the driveway; however, all vehicles must be off the street. A suggested parking alternative is on Cervato. Access continues to be provided by the contractor as needed; please wave down one of the contractors and provide 10 to 30 minutes advance notice when possible.
Pavement Preservation
Work continues in White Rock through Tuesday after which County Traffic crews will be re-establishing roadway markings and crosswalks. Work will then move to the townsite starting on 34th Street between Villa and Urban and the 35th / 37th Street loop south of Villa. Next on the schedule is work on North Mesa on San Ildefonso South between Big Rock Loop to the end of San Ildefonso, followed by Stoneview and Big Rock Loop north of San Ildefonso, and North Mesa Road from Hawk Drive to the stables. Residents will receive notice 48 hours before construction begins in their area.