With congressional candidates, you get one thing or another

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After all I have seen and heard from the candidates for U.S. Congress, District 3, I would summarize our choice in November as follows:
Vote Democrat Ben Ray Lujan and get unemployement and food stamps.
Vote Republican Tom Mullins and get a paycheck and freedom to run your own affairs.
When you remember that our Creator endowed us with certian inalienable rights (life, liberty and pursuit of happiness) as listed in our U.S. Declaration of Independence, and the purpose of our federal government was to protect us while we were making something of ourselves with God’s help, you can see that to restore the freedoms we have enjoyed, your choice for U.S. Congress must be Tom Mullins.
His is the clear clarion for patriotism, self-sacrifice and honoring the U.S. Constitution, which calls for small government and large personal initiative.
I believe we Americans still have the common sense to take the road back to what made us a great nation for over 200 years.

Lucille Bonner,
Los Alamos