A complaint about police behavior

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By The Staff

I used to have the utmost respect for our local police department and considered their efforts to be outstanding but no more. My 18-year-old granddaughter was carelessly pulling her boy friend’s car from in front of our house and an oncoming car hit the front end. Three police personnel just happened to be nearby and investigated immediately.

Unfortunately my wife and I were in our house and did not hear the commotion. Our granddaughter was in a state of shock and did not know where insurance papers were located. The insensitive police demanded the car be towed away “right now.” She had no idea of any tow service in Los Alamos so the towing service in Española that evidently has an agreement with the Police department was called. By now she was able to come into our house with tears rolling down her cheeks, still in a state of shock. When I went out to talk with one of the policemen, I found the driver of the other vehicle arguing that the car was only 2 feet away from the curb and could be pushed out of the way, so no towing was necessary.  The reply was that there was no liability insurance to cover such a simple maneuver.

In summary, the police could have easily informed me of the incident and I would have straightened things out in a matter of minutes while my granddaughter had time to collect her thoughts. Instead we waited for an hour for the tow truck to come and I had to shell out $185 in cash to get it towed to a body shop.

The insensitivity of the three police was a disgrace. The entire procedure probably did not break any rules but the whole mess could have been handled much easier if some intelligence was involved.

It also begs the question as to why there is an agreement with a tow service in Española when there are at least two places in Los Alamos.

Aaron Goldman

Los Alamos