Community members set up Linda H. Hull Legal Defense Fund

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By Carol A. Clark

Following nearly five hours of deliberation Thursday and another five hours today, at 1:50 p.m. the jury rendered its verdict in the Ted Vives v. Linda Hull civil case.

Neither party received compensation in the lawsuit and counter suit in which Vives claimed Hull damaged his standing in the community by making false statements about him and his sex offender conviction.

Hull counter sued Vives claiming he conducted acts of harassment, vandalism and intimidation against her. She sought to recoup $135,000, which her lawyer Paul Grace said was her bill through Thursday to defend herself against Vives.

Hull has battled Vives for five years, pushing hard to get Los Alamos Public Schools to enact a school board sex offender policy requiring all registered sex offenders be escorted when on school campuses.

Upon hearing the verdict denied monetary compensation, community members this afternoon set up the Linda H. Hull Legal Fund at Los Alamos National Bank.

By 6 p.m when LANB closed its doors for the day, the account already received $200.

Contribution checks should be made out to the Linda H. Hull Legal Fund, account #0116095601.

Read full details of the jury’s decision in Sunday’s Los Alamos Monitor.