Committee reviews submittals

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By Jennifer Garcia

Member of the municipal building siting steering committee met for the second time Thursday night at the community building.

Because it was the first committee meeting, Community Development Director Rick Bohn led the last meeting held on June 4 at the county annex. During that meeting, Bohn told attendees that they would choose the chair and vice chair at the June 18 meeting.

Bohn started the Thursday night meeting by giving the committee some practical guidelines by which to abide.

“When people find out your on this committee, people will want to talk to you. Listen, but remind them to come to the meetings and express their opinions to all members, or e-mail their comments to Paul (Belson), that way we’re operating from the same knowledge base,” Bohn said.

In addition, he advised members to refrain from speaking to private landowners regarding possible land purchases for the municipal building site.

“Let people know we’re accepting requests from private land owners and tell them to speak to Tony,” Bohn cautioned.

He also warned members not to commit to anything when they talk to the public. “You don’t want to box yourself into a corner,” he said.

Following the presentation on guidelines, Bohn explained the voting process. Attendees then nominated five candidates to be considered for chair and vice chair. Irene Powell, Stan Primak, Debbie Gill, Carl Thornton and Mike Luna were all nominated.

After a vote, the list was narrowed down to Stan Primak and Carl Thornton, who were the top two vote getters.

Following a second vote between the two, Primak won the chair seat, while Thornton was appointed vice chair, as the second-highest vote getter. There were 12 members present, while four were absent.

Two committee members who did not attend the first meeting were present at Thursday night’s meeting.

Terry Goldman and Patrick Raichur both attended the steering committee for the first time. They made brief introductions prior to the voting process.

Assistant County Administrator Anthony Mortillaro sent out letter to property owners in Los Alamos County, asking them if they’d be interested in having their property looked at as possible sites for the municipal building.

To date, several submissions have been received.

The prospective properties were presented at the steering committee’s meeting and include:

• 1051 11th St., which sits on 0.7 acres and is owned by Steven and Fran Sanders;

• 1975 Myrtle St., which sits on 1.7 acres and is owned by KSZE LLC;

• 1211 11th St., which sits on 0.7 acres and is owned by Desert Gold LLC;

• 1731 Trinity Drive, which sits on 0.8 acres and is owned by Larry Rich;

• 1650 Trinity Drive, which sits on an acre and is owned by the Shannon Corp.;

• 2591 Trinity Drive, which sits on 0.5 acres and is owned by RL Von Weissel Inc.;

• Entrada Lot 6-8, which totals six acres and is owned by the Main Gate LLC, through a purchase with the county;

• LA Shrine Club, which sits on 1½ acres and is owned by the Shriners

In addition, the prospective properties discussed at the prior meeting were also presented and include:

• Ashley Pond, the former site of the municipal building; 0.6 acres,

• Ashley Pond, where the community building now stands; 0.8 acres,

• Ashley Pond, the parking lot at 20th and Trinity, 0.6 acres,

• Los Alamos Apartments; 3.7 acres,

• Lavy Lane; 3.2 acres,

• Farmers Market location, 1.2 acres,

•    Parcels in White Rock at Rover and State Road 4; 2.3 acres,

• A-19 transfer parcel in White Rock, 60 acres, though only the western parcel would be used because the eastern parcel is being used for the proposed visitor’s center.

“We have not received any private submittals from White Rock,” County Planner Paul Belson said. “We’ll keep you updated on the next round if we receive any more (submittals),” he commented.

Goldman asked Bohn if when selecting the site, whether the committee would be obligated to follow council’s goals.

“Yes, but we do have the ability to do some weighting,” Bohn replied. Following some discussion regarding the weight selection criteria, Luna made a motion, seconded by Paul Smith, to accept the weight selection criteria.  

After a vote, the motion passed 12-0.

At the next meeting to be held July 9, the committee will discuss the proposed site selection weighting and review the private site submittals and public sites, if new ones are submitted. In addition, the committee will also set site tour dates at that point.

Meetings are held from 6-7:30 p.m. twice a month on Thursday nights in the community building.

Those interested in getting e-mail updates or for general questions may contact Belson at 663-1759 or e-mail Paul.belson@lacnm.us.