Committee narrows choices down to top five

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By Jennifer Garcia

As their deadline looms closer, the Municipal Building Site Selection Steering Committee continues to work feverishly in an effort to come up with a site recommendation for a new municipal building.

The committee met again last Thursday to discuss the results of a straw poll they’d been given. At their first four meetings, the committee considered 23 possible sites for the location of a new municipal building.

The 23 sites included some that were privately owned as well as some that are already owned by the county.

The privately owned sites were considered at the request of the property owners, who submitted their properties in response to a letter sent out by Assistant County Administrator Anthony Mortillaro. The letter asked interested property owners to submit their property, if they’d like for it to be considered as a possible municipal building site. Mortillaro’s letter netted 12 possible site locations.

Following the deadline for possible site submissions, the committee then took a straw poll of its membership and scored all 23 sites against 13 site selection criteria, based on instructions given to them by the County Council.

At their July 23 meeting, the committee narrowed the choices down to the top five sites indicated by the poll results. They also decided to further study the sites. The sites chosen were:

•    The Los Alamos Apartments site owned by the County, located at Central Avenue east of the Bradbury Museum

•    The privately owned commercial site at 1247 Central and 1360-1372 Trinity, across from the Los Alamos Apartments site

•    A portion of the Trinity Place Site

•    A combination of the privately owned Shrine Club and Hill Diner properties on Trinity Drive

•    The privately owned commercial site at 1650 Trinity, at the corner of Trinity, Deacon and 15th Streets.

In addition, the committee decided to further evaluate a site, which features a total of three privately owned apartments located between Iris and Myrtle Streets, as well as the current site of the Canyon School, which is owned by the Los Alamos School Board.

“It was a bold but confident move by the committee,” County Planner Paul Belson said. “They’re going to take the remaining sites and score them again, based on the criteria they approved. We’ll look at that (the criteria) at the next meeting.”

Belson said the short-term goal is to select sites for further study by a consultant architect who would prepare fit drawings.

“The fit drawings will show how the program would fit on a particular site. That would show which sites might have problems that might not be known about at this time,” Belson explained. He also said the committee will soon do site tours of the remaining sites, however the details of when and where are yet to be established.

The committee will meet again at 6 p.m. on Aug. 6 in council chambers.

For more information visit the CDD website at www.losalamosnm.us/projects/cdd/Pages/MBSSSC.aspx.

If you’d like to receive e-mail updates regarding this project, contact Belson at paul.belson@lacnm.us.