Come and get it while it's hot

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Kenny's North Carolina BBQ is open for business

By Carol A. Clark

Kenny Miller operates his new business, Kenny’s North Carolina BBQ, from a long mobile kitchen in the Best Western Hilltop House Hotel parking lot behind the Hilltop Deli on Central Avenue.

While he officially launched his business Sept. 14, Miller held a test run at Santa Fe’s annual Zozobra celebration, which ran Sept. 10-13.

Zozobra is a 50-foot tall white puppet with a black bow tie, black belt and cuffs, big neon green glowing eyes and massive red lips. It was created by Santa Fe artist Will Shuster in 1924 and represents all of the gloom, hardships and disappointments that people have experienced throughout the year.

He’s set on fire because it’s believed that as Zozobra burns away, all of the last year’s hardships and disappointments that people have experienced burn away with him.

“When I came here I realized this kind of barbecue wasn’t available — this is true North Carolina barbecue — come and get it while it’s hot,” Miller said enthusiastically during an interview Tuesday.

Miller hails from Atlantic Beach, N.C. He first came to Los Alamos with a demolition crew following the Cerro Grande Fire in 2000 and decided to stay.

“But I really missed this kind of barbecue, so I decided to open a business myself,” Miller said.

Kenny’s North Carolina BBQ uses Miller’s distinctly southern barbecue sauce recipe, which he credits to his grandmother.

Miller’s menu includes ribs, pork platters, chicken platters, pulled pork sandwiches, baked beans, French fries and lemonade, as well as sweet tea.

Kenny’s North Carolina BBQ is typically open from 11 a.m.-6 p.m., Monday-Friday.

He may set up at special events around town as well.

Catering also is available through Kenny’s North Carolina BBQ, for information, call 662-5000.