Combat stress and daily difficulties through faith

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By Special to the Monitor

This  spring semester, the University of New Mexico-Los Alamos (UNM-LA) Community Education will offer a Divine-Directed stress relief class  from noon-12:50 p.m. on Thursdays starting on Jan. 21.

Students will study chapters of the book of Psalms in class and will have daily homework.  Study will include an initial reading of the chapter with notation of an impacting passage. Scientific observation will ensue, using techniques introduced in class.  Application of the Scripture and a promise to claim in the student’s life will follow.  The student will journal and pray according to what God has spoken to the student through Scripture as part of the process toward stress relief.

Anxiety tends to overtake many people with stress from family, work, finances and more responsibilities. Difficult people or circumstances may add to daily stress. Bad local, national or international news can be additionally stressful.

Often people would like to turn to someone for help, but do not know to whom.  When a person does unload, other people may not understand the depths of sorrow.

“But there is One who does understand—He is God,” Instructor Jolyn McTeigue said, “We can know He understands when we investigate His Word and see that He articulates what we have only been able to feel in our despair.”

“What’s more, God offers promises of His love and direction and assurance of His control over all circumstances,” McTeigue said.

Most stress relief classes point students to a methodology for dealing with stress. McTeigue said the Divine-Directed Stress relief class point students to the person of Jesus Christ who, she said, is God and at whose cross people can lay down their stress and whom individuals can trust to work in their circumstances for their good—to become more and more like Him.

Some open discussion may take place.  The class requires a vow for complete confidentiality and respect in order to participate.

To sign up for the Divine-Directed Stress Relief Class, contact the UNM-LA Community Education office at 662-0336.  Please note UNM-LA does not promote any religious views; the views taught in the class are the views of the instructor.