Column gives oil line

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

The June 12 guest column by Marita K. Noon titled  “Hypocrisy that knows no bounds” should have been a paid  advertisement by Big Oil.  I suspect that she was not driven to her  keyboard in response to President Obama’s comments about the CAFÉ  Standards (auto fuel efficiency standards), but by her funders of  Citizens Alliance for Responsible Energy, a nonprofit organization advocating for citizens rights to energy freedom. 

Ms. Noon does not  seem to get it that most SUV and truck owners would be happy to have  more fuel efficient models.  I own an SUV and a truck, because I need  to haul stuff in both of them, and I have wished for years that the  government would mandate better fuel efficiency for these gas  guzzlers. 

I am delighted that new CAFÉ Standards are being  mandated.  If the new standards are going to be so restrictive, as  Ms. Noon states, then why have Ford, GM, and Chrysler “tanked” under  the old standards?  Because the public has spoken at the ballot box  and at auto dealerships, for better fuel efficiency.

Tom Sandford

Los Alamos