Coexist with coyotes

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Coyotes are persistent survivors of human persecution and habitat modifications. As extremely adaptable animals, they have learned to live in human-dominated landscapes. But what can humans do to coexist peacefully with them, and not to be afraid of them?
This will be the topic of a presentation given by David Parsons, a regional representative of Project Coyote, 7 p.m. tonight at the Pajarito Environmental Education Center.
As a basis for understanding coyotes, Parsons will cover the biology, ecology and behavior of the animals. He will also discuss issues related to coyotes living in urban and suburban environments, as well as methods for reducing coyote-human conflicts and fostering peaceful coexistence with coyotes. To round out his talk, he will suggest methods for addressing situations that may be deemed as potential threats to humans, pets, and livestock.
The program fee is $6, or $5 for PEEC members. No advance registration is required.