Codes too restrictive

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I don’t typically stay abreast of local politics, but a description of the newly proposed County “Nuisance & Property Maintenance Codes”  was brought to my attention and I felt that I must write my first ever letter to the editor.  I have no objection to ordinances/codes that require homeowners to maintain their yards, conduct minimal upkeep of their homes, keep garbage or other unsightly items out of their front yards, etc.
But the Community Development Department (CDD) has proposed a draft including unnecessary restrictions on homeowner lifestyles that plainly discriminate against lifestyles the CDD doesn’t value. When you restrict homeowners from parking recreational vehicles, boats, motorcycles, golf carts, trailers and how many in a driveway or on a parking pad you are discriminating against the lifestyle of these people and their pursuit of happiness. In most cases, if people can’t put these vehicles in their driveway, they are not going to have them.
The CCD proposal allows self-powered RVs but not RV trailers or boats to be parked in the driveway or on a parking pad. I venture to guess that some of the CCD members have self powered RVs but none has a trailer RV or boat of comparable size. I would like to hear why let’s say a 30 ft. powered RV is allowed but not a 30 ft. RV trailer or a 30 ft. boat. I think the process is completely biased by a few. I would like to see the County Council leave things alone. Often the most worthwhile efforts are fighting off the efforts of the few to change things for the many to the advantage of the few. If the county implements these unnecessary lifestyle restrictions, they will be successful in further depressing home values. Many will choose not to live in a community where their life-style options are so restricted.

John Davey
Los Alamos