Climate action calls for stricter limits on Co2

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Rally to be held tomorrow at Ashley Pond as part of international event

By The Staff

Local residents concerned about climate issues are asked to gather at Ashley Pond on Saturday to form a giant human “350” as part of what is expected to be a major international event.

The gathering is expected to be one of 4,000 or more rallies in 160 countries around the world. The movement, which has become a “viral” phenomenon on the Web is coordinated by an organization known as 350.org.

The organization was founded by Bill McKibben, author, activist and educator on behalf of global solutions to the climate crisis.

“Civilization is what grows up in the margins of leisure and security provided by a workable relationship with the natural world,” McKibben says in the organization’s call to action. “That margin won’t exist, at least not for long, as long as we remain on the wrong side of 350. That’s the limit we face.”

The movement includes environmental organizations and faith.

The purpose of the combined international demonstrations is to urge world leaders to take decisive action on global warming and use the data point of 350 parts per million of carbon dioxide as the international standard for a safe upper limit. Current levels are about 390 parts per million.

The activities take place with an eye toward the international climate conference, hosted by the United Nations in Copenhagen, Dec. 7-18.

The local event will take place from 1:30-2:30 p.m. Saturday on the west side of the pond. Los Alamos electric vehicle enthusiast Skip Dunn is the local organizer.

Dunn noted that not long ago, 450 parts per million was considered a tolerable upper limit by the International Panel on Climate Change. But with early global warming effects like melting ice caps and glaciers already occurring, the 350 movement is pushing for a tighter reign.

“That probably means 100 mpg cars and electric vehicles, rather than 35 mpg vehicles,” Dunn said, noting that people attending the local event would be walking, biking and driving non-combustion and battery powered golf carts and wheel chairs.

Assuming there are enough people to create a “350,” the message will be photographed and uploaded to the 350.org Website. Like New Years Eve coverage, the images are expected to begin coming in from Australia and continue around the world.