Citizens asleep at the wheel with their ho-hum attitudes

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Before you support Boehner’s thrust into healthcare reform, at the very least, visit www.healthcare.gov/center/reports for information from an annual report required by the Affordable Care Act.
If common sense is no longer in vogue, at least consider that insurance corporations seriously oppose this act … and the concern for the bottom line is now universally more important than “the people.”
Apparently the FCC opposes net neutrality or at least they support monopoly’s control of free speech by agreeing to the Comcast takeover of NBC.  
It seems many of us are asleep at the wheel as we permit more and more corporate destruction of our rights with a “ho-hum.”
Who owns politics? Hmmmmm?
Contact your representatives if you care, let them know what you think.
JJ Maier
Los Alamos