Changes in system are needed

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By Ralph Damiani

I received a letter a couple of weeks ago in response to a column I had written. A part of the column – I think a sentence – referred to our failing schools.

The letter was in response to that. I tried to verify the letter but could not, so could not run it. But I know that the comments made in it are pretty universal, as I have heard them before.

Before I go into the letter, I would like to give some of my credentials in having such an opinion of the state of our educational system.

I was married to a teacher for 22 years, so I saw firsthand what goes on and what she did.

I taught for several years as an adjunct professor at junior colleges and I taught high school classes in Africa.

I have read many reports about our test scores and keep up with such data. My wife has two children in school, one in high school here and one in college in Santa Fe.

I saw three children through school and was an involved parent. All three went on to college.

Does all this make me an expert on education? Certainly not. But it does give a basis to have a somewhat reasoned opinion.

Now, to the letter.