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Authors > Noted Los Alamos writers will have copies of books for sale and to sign

Since 2004, Mesa Public Library has hosted the acclaimed Authors Speak Series that has featured noteworthy New Mexico authors across genres.
In May, the library kicked off a new series with Los Alamos’ own noteworthy authors: a quarterly series, Literary Locals.
For the second event in the series this September, the official Arts and Culture Month by county council proclamation, Mesa Public Library celebrates six local authors across genres.
The authors will meet from 2 to 4:30 p.m. on Sept. 22 in the upstairs rotunda.
Bob Fuselier, a veterinarian with an interest in neuroscience; Jennifer McKerley, an author of children’s books and a writers’ guide; Cary Neeper, a science fiction author; Don Neeper, a blogger and essayist; Inez Ross, a romance writer; and Darla Graff Thompson, a poet/sculptor.
Though not limited to self or otherwise published authors, this series is meant to showcase new, unpublished, or less widely known writers, those who live or work in the Los Alamos community.
For September’s events, the organizers decided to try a new format, with brief introductions from the authors themselves, then moving on to smaller groups for in-depth chats with one or two or all of the authors at their individual tables. Some authors will also have work for sale and available to be signed.
There will be three parts to the program. First, a 10-minute introduction to authors. Then authors will move to the tables for book sales and signings. Refreshments will be served. Lastly, the public is welcome to chat with the authors about their work, writing process, interests and publishing.
Bob Fuselier, in his book “From Violence to Freedom,” presents the option our major emotional systems offer: a life chained to the violent potential of our ancestors or a life of freedom.
The complex neural systems we share with animals as simple as lizards dictate choices to us without our conscious awareness.
Using his experience as veterinarian, husband, father and grandfather, Dr. Fuselier connects the neuroscience behind our major emotional systems to everyday trials and tribulations.
Dr. Fuselier’s career includes small animal and farm animal practice in Louisiana and North Carolina, volunteer work at a Honduran orphanage during the Contra War, microvascular research, and at present small animal medicine and surgery in Los Alamos.
Fuselier and his wife Susan, who he met as veterinary students, have raised three children and to date enjoy four grandchildren.
Jennifer McKerley is a teacher and award-winning author of nine children’s books. Amazing Armadillos (ages 6-9, Random House) was the 2010 Winner for Young Readers Book in the New Mexico Book Awards and was named one of the best children’s books of 2010 by Bank Street College of Education. Picture Window Books published her fiction titles for ages 4-8: “There Goes Turtle’s Hat,” and “Rules Of The Net.” She has written books for the Gale-Cengage Monster Series, ages 9 and up: “Goblins,” “The Kraken,” “Hydra and Swamp Monsters,” which was a 2010 Finalist in Juvenile Books, New Mexico Book Awards.
Her young adult title was released by Lucent Books in 2011: Football (Science Behind Sports). She will offer tips on how to break into children’s publishing and provide a handout, “10 Things Every Children’s Book Writer Should Know.” She will also discuss the workbook she co-wrote with Shirley Raye Redmond: “Write a Marketable Children’s Book in Seven Weeks.” Her websites are jennifermckerley.com and writechildrensbook.com.
Cary Neeper debuted her first science fiction novel “A Place Beyond Man,” in 1975 (Charles Scribner’s Sons and Dell), and it was re-released in 2011. Its themes of sustainability and inter-planetary cooperation developed into a five-volume series, “The Archives of Varok,” following the adventures of a human and alien family as they travel the alternate 21st century Solar System, with three additional titles in the series to be released in 2013-2014.
Neeper’s other works include two musical science fiction comedies, as well as newspaper and magazine articles, short stories and book reviews for The Christian Science Monitor.
An avid proponent of sustainability and steady state economics since the 1970s, she studied zoology, chemistry and religion at Pomona College and medical microbiology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Cary paints landscapes in acrylics, including the cover art for “The Webs of Varok.”
Don Neeper has, for decades, written essays for both public speaking and regulatory hearings, as well scientific articles for his work in applied physics.
He maintains a blog site, Don Neeper’s Place, which he describes as “Blogs and essays intended to entertain and enlighten the reader, focusing on science and society, complexity, and philosophical musings. In a bewildering world, it is the critical insights that empower you. Life has given me a few insights to share. I’m a teacher, not a prophet.”
He and wife Cary together wrote a novel set in the collision of the scientific, cowboy and oil cultures of New Mexico, “The Oil Patch Project,” which is in the marketing process. Neeper will talk about how an author brings significant social issues into fiction and describe the humor that happens when a married pair of scientists co-author a novel.
Inez Ross began telling stories in Michigan to little friends on the school bus and began writing books after retiring from teaching in Los Alamos. She now has nine titles on her self-published list.
Her Sotherton Abbey was a finalist in New Mexico Book Awards. The screenplay for “The Adobe Castle,” is scheduled to begin filming by Turner Productions in the summer of 2014. She is a member of JASNA (Jane Austen Society) and has three books echoing Austen subjects.
With four other women she has hiked the entire Santa Fe Trail, and two of her books are based on that experience. She is a member of SFTA (The Santa Fe Trail Association) and Friends of Lowell Observatory ( Flagstaff, Ariz.), as well as the Los Alamos Writers Group.
She will explain the advantages of self publishing and relate some of her adventures in marketing her latest novel “Blaize Castle.” 
Darla Graff Thompson is a creative multitasker, creating cross-media work in sculpture and poetry, and also working as a chemist.