Celebrate the end of summer

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By Kirsten Laskey

Summer is  winding down, school is starting up and the transition from summer to fall is beginning. Despite the changes in the air, the Los Alamos Summer Concert Series is still bringing music to the last few weeks of summer.

Even though it is a time of change, it is still worth celebrating.

Take The Derailers, for instance. When they come to town for their concert at 7 p.m. Friday at Smith’s Food and Drug parking lot in Los Alamos, it is the roasted chiles and the cool temperatures that this Austin, Texas-based band is eager to experience.

In return for these fall treats, The Derailers will offer honky-tonk music with 60s pop sensibilities.

It’s music that lead singer, songwriter and guitarist Brian Hofeldtt describes as a little left of center.

He said in the 90s, country music exploded in popularity and it left room for alternative sounds.

The Derailers, for instance, focused on the music’s roots.

“Most music is based on some sort of roots,” Hofeldtt said. “Without roots, the tree sort of falls down.”

Even as a young punk rocker, Hofeldtt said he was drawn to basics, the music that was stripped and bare.

To play music that inspired by Buck Owens, George James, Roy  Orbinson, Elvis Presley and the Beatles, may be seem like looking into the past but Hofeldtt pointed out this music has a timeless quality.

So what can listeners expect from their concert?

“It’s pretty fun,” Hofeldtt said. “We play an assortment of songs from our nine – 10 studio albums and we throw in a few things we consider to be in the ballpark of our sound.”

Hofeldtt provides this sound along with Ed Adkins on electric/acoustic bass and vocals, Scott Matthews on drums and percussion, Sweet Basil McJagger on piano and organs and Chris Schlotzhauer on pedal steel, dobro and vocals.

According to the band’s website, they have performed for 15 years.