Catching a view from the middle school

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By The Staff

This is our final week looking at the asset support category. This week, students at Los Alamos Middle School along with Vice Principal Rex Kilburn and Student Council Advisor Jon Pyle are visiting elementary schools to talk with sixth-graders who embark on a new adventure next year.

The current seventh-graders are alumni of the school they visit that day. The beauty of the project is that it allows timid sixth-graders to hear from their peers about the middle school experience.

The questions are exactly what you expect, but the answers might be different than if they were delivered from just the adults. You never know how very frustrated a pre-teen can be about not being able to open a locker until you hear it straight from the Hawk’s mouth.

As adults we realize that getting your locker open isn’t the end of the world. You only have to talk to an adult who can solve the problem with a key and get a hall pass from Miss Claire. In the heat of the moment, the world is ending because my homework is due, the bell has rung and I still have to go to the bathroom, but alas, the locker is still locked.

We tend to forget that trial-and-error is part of the experience and the middle school is addressing some of those areas six months before the new seventh-grade class ever steps foot on the middle school campus.

How wonderful to take care of many problems, concerns, issues, and in my opinion, the most important fears before they are able to fester and become a big deal.

That goes for parents as well as the students. There will be multiple opportunities to meet staff, visit the sites and ask questions that are on your mind to ease your mind.

Guess what folks? No one can solve a problem if they don’t know it exists and often we could solve a lot of problems with a few simple conversations, not a process, not a meeting, by not making a big deal out of everything.

Did you know some of the concerns that bother sixth-graders are actually the same worries eighth- graders possess?

The funny things is that those eighth-graders forgot that whatever they were worried about as sixth-graders never came to pass.

What I’ve heard from the underclassmen is how nice the upperclassmen have been to them. There are also many chances to get to know upperclassmen before they ever step foot on the campus. This summer those heading into ninth grade will have the chance to take advantage of programs like Juntos, Los Alamos Youth Leadership, Key Club and more. This helps them acquire new relationships before the school bell rings.

Some LAHS staff have extended invitations for eighth grade athletes to bridge to the high school for observation or participation so they build those relationships as well. Parents should help their students look for chances to increase the connections. You can learn more at www.rockthetop.net.

Oh, and don’t forget to return those ballots as soon as possible. I don’t care how you vote, but many men and women are fighting on your behalf to defend your right to do it and to provide others the same opportunity.