Carrier conscientious, kind and courteous to customer

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You have an extraordinary young man delivering papers and he deserves special recognition. His first name is Brian. Regrettably, I do not know his last name.
Los Alamos is my hometown and I used to type the Monitor in its very early inception.
I moved away in 1964 and on my return in 2001 I subscribed to the Monitor, but delivery was so inconsistent I discontinued it in 2003.
Recently, I reinstated my subscription . . . boy was I in for a wonderful surprise! Not only does Brian deliver the Monitor with regularity, he is considerate, taking into account my handicap and makes sure it is on my porch and at the door each time.  
Our community needs to hear about these conscientious, industrious young people more than the misguided ones.
Thank you very much for employing such high caliber delivery staff.  

JJ Maier
Los Alamos