Car burglaries mount in LA

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Crime > Police looking into possible leads

By Tris DeRoma

Los Alamos was hit with a large amount of car burglaries this week as residents from all over town reported break-ins from Barranca Mesa to the center of town.
Streets that were targeted included Camino Redondo, Camino Medio, San Juan, Navajo, Woodland, Canyon View, Arizona, 35th Street and Barranca Road.
Since May 19, police said, approximately 24 vehicles were targeted.
The first crime was reported at 3:26 a.m. that morning by a Camino Redondo resident. The last reported case compiled from this week’s police reports was also on Camino Redondo, reported at 6:56 p.m., May 21.
Police are actively continuing their investigation into the break-ins. Earlier this week they issued a press release with descriptions of vehicles seen in the area shortly after the crimes were reported.
”During the course of investigating the burglaries we have learned of two suspect vehicles,” the Los Alamos Police Department in a written statement concerning the car burglaries. “The first is an older minivan which is dark blue and has rust on the hood. The other is a yellow sedan, possibly a (Ford) Mustang. If you see vehicles matching these descriptions please call the Los Alamos Police Department at 662-8222.”
A rough breakdown of the targeted streets include:
Camino Medio, two car burglaries; San Juan Street, one car burglary; Navajo Road, one car burglary; Camino Redondo, four car burglaries; Barranca Road, one car burglary; 35th Street, three car burglaries, Woodland Road, five car burglaries; Urban Street, Canyon View Drive and Arizona Street, one car burglary each.
Police have said that all of the cars seemed to have been unlocked, allowing the thieves to simply enter and take what they wanted.
Police “cannot express enough the importance of locking your vehicles and removing all items that are of importance to you from them when they are left parked,” the LAPD said through a press release about the incident.
According to Commander Preston Ballew, the LAPD’s public information officer, police are actively investigating the case.
“We do have some leads to follow up on with both events and I’m hopeful we have positive leads after some more investigation,” he said in an email.