Can't get out of town fast enough

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After reading the column that states “Our View,” which I seriously doubt reflects everyone’s opinion at the Los Alamos Monitor, therefore it should be “My View,”  I feel I must respond.  
The idea that a leisure pool is going to keep our “young” people in town is ludicrous!  I have lived here all my life and it’s not by choice.  If, or when I can, a new Leisure Pool is certainly not going to keep me here.  
This town is too expensive to live in and another proposal to make it even more expensive only drives me to strive harder to get out.
This town will always be a bedroom community for Los Alamos National Laboratory. It’s located at a dead end road and the areas that do attract tourism, other than the museum and skiing in the winter, are reached by N.M. 4 through White Rock.  Continually putting money into expensive projects and expecting the taxpayers to foot the bill will only drive more people away and continue the downward trend of the population in this town.
That being said, Los Alamos County has plenty of money, if they’d quit wasting it on useless “studies” and building huge municipal buildings that aren’t necessary.  Not to mention demolishing one of our few “affordable housing” units that the county council keeps talking about having in Los Alamos.  
And then there’s Trinity Drive that doesn’t need changing other than some trees and a pedestrian overpass at the pond (a privacy wall at Eastern Area would be good, too.) But these things didn’t need the extensive, and expensive, studies to figure out.  Some of these projects are good like the new golf course club house, but a leisure pool, I don’t think so.
Our local government is also too large. The county could easily cut back on expenditures and apply the money saved to some of these more worthwhile projects. Utilities also ­— way too many times have I seen an area where there’s five men working — one to do the work and four to do the watching.  
I also believe the utilities department needs to be held accountable to the county council and not left to its own devices.
Garbage is another area where we the citizens are expected to pay more and do more while I see one person per truck doing the work. I’m sure the fleet needs maintenance and fuel but come on!
I also like Mr. Beery’s comments, “Is raising the temperature 9 degrees worth it?”
So, as before, I am voting NO on the ballot. That is if I ever get it. Maybe the council instructed them not to send me mine since I have voiced my opinion on this matter.  I wouldn’t put it past them.

Robert Visel
Los Alamos