Candidate briefs local GOP leaders

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Rep. Janice Arnold shared her vision for New Mexico at a meeting Tuesday

By Carol A. Clark

Four-term legislator Rep. Janice Arnold-Jones, R-Bernalillo, is running for governor and her platform centers on ethics, education, infrastructure and service.


“I am running for governor and I want to make sure you understand why I’m the best choice and why I can win over any other candidate. I believe that by investing in connectivity, we can overcome our geography, preserve our environment, enhance the education of our children and improve our economy – New Mexico deserves nothing less,” Arnold-Jones told the small but powerful group of local GOP leaders gathered at Central Avenue Grill Tuesday. “I don’t believe in flash and bang, I want real solutions and I know where the details are, having served eight years in the legislature.”

As an example, there are things the state can do to bring the technology created at Los Alamos National Laboratory to bare on the state — and legislators have chosen not to do that, she said.

“The people of Los Alamos are critical to the rest of the state. We have been successful in education in Los Alamos and we have to find a way to model and share this success in places where it would apply around the state,” Arnold-Jones said. “Our kids deserve a different outcome. For years our kids have been 49th in math, science and engineering. Some how we decided subject matter expertise was not important – this has got to change.”

Arnold-Jones graduated from the old Albuquerque High School and the University of New Mexico with a bachelor’s degree in speech communication. Because her husband served in the Navy she had the opportunity to travel widely and found New Mexico meant the most to her.

“This is my state,” she said, “But we are a state of potential instead of a state of accomplishment … A central theme of my candidacy is ‘connectivity.’ By focusing on the power of connectivity in telephone, cable, fiber, wireless, satellite and internet communication, energy and energy transmission, roads and individual participation — we can overcome our geography, honor our environment, enhance the education of our children and improve our economic well being.”

She also spoke of the New Mexico officials serving time in prison for unethical behavior.

“Corruption has to be modeled and when you see it you have to say no. You have to be ethical, not just at the legislature … it means following the speed limit and everything else,” she said.

Arnold-Jones serves on the House Taxation and Revenue Committee and the Voters and Elections Committee. Her Interim Committee assignments include New Mexico Finance Authority Oversight, Mortgage Finance Authority Oversight, Science, Technology and Telecommunications, Revenue Stabilization and Tax Policy, Information Technology Oversight, Legislative Structure & Process Study Task Force, Capital Outlay Subcommittee and Legislative Council.

Arnold-Jones was honored recently as a recipient of the 2009 Lights of Liberty award by the Rio Grande Foundation for using a web cam in support of public open access to the New Mexico legislature.

She is married to John L. Jones Commander, Retired USN, has two children and resides in Albuquerque.

She manages the Albuquerque office of Parallax, Inc., a Sandia Laboratories contractor.  

The local group Arnold-Jones spoke with Tuesday included Los Alamos Republican Party 1st Vice Chair JoAnn Johnson who also is Los Alamos County assessor and president of the Los Alamos Republican Women, local party Treasurer Norma Tech, Vice President  of the Republican Women Marie Todd, former County Councilor Fran Berting, Mary Brooks   and other longtime Republicans. They aren’t saying who they will endorse until after the May primary.

Heather Wilson announced Thursday she will not run for governor, to which Arnold-Jones issued the following statement, “Heather Wilson’s statement of her intentions provides clarity and opportunity for the Republican Party. Heather Wilson sacrificed her time and irreplaceable moments with her family to represent the State of New Mexico and she has more than earned a brief rest from public service. Heather Wilson served with courage, tenacity, grace and unmatched intellect in Congress. Her understanding of National Security issues is without equal. I hope she will find time to help define the path forward for the Republican Party of New Mexico and for the state in the days just ahead.”