Cancer survivor rethinks beliefs

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By Kay Kerbyson

Before I got cancer, I didn’t even believe in taking vitamins, let alone any ‘alternate stuff.’
I mean who needs them if you eat properly.
I used to think ‘Boy, you New Age people are weird. What’s wrong with eating good healthy food, keeping fit and taking whatever the doctor orders?’
Problem is, while all that conventional cancer medicine is draining out of your system, the wake of destruction it leaves behind does not.
It seems to me that, doctors are only too willing to give you the toxic drugs, or radiation, to get rid of the darn cancer, but when it comes to side effects, the medical field often has little or nothing to offer us. Whether for physical symptoms or emotional discomfort.
But times are changing, survivors are demanding more. And even the medical field agrees these days.
As part of the design of the new University of New Mexico Cancer Center, a large area has been given to the Living Well Department - integrating conventional and alternative medicine to improve a patient’s health, both during and after treatment.
Here in Seattle, too, care is about the whole person.
I’m not just a walking tumor. They’re as interested in my quality of life as they are in my disease.