Call for volunteers

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The Marine Corps’ Marine For Life program is looking for New Mexicans to serve as mentors for Marine veterans.
As a Marine For Life mentor, volunteers can be key in helping Marine Corps veterans navigate the way ahead — whether they are Marine veterans who care about other Marines, or someone in the community wanting to help Marines succeed in civilian life.
Marine veterans returning to the civilian community can benefit from volunteers’ life experience. As a mentor in the Marine For Life organization, they can help those who have honorably served the country in the Marine Corps and are moving on to civilian life.  Their knowledge, counsel and personal network can help a Marine veteran succeed.
There is no requirement to have served in the military — just a desire to be available to Marines looking for advice and the benefit of your experience.
To learn more about mentoring Marine Corps veterans, visit www.MarineForLife.org and click “Mentors,” or contact Marine For Life’s New Mexico representative, Capt. Michael Kozeliski, at NewMexico1@GoMarineForeLife.org or  575-415-4645.