Call to redesign high traffic lane markings

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I’m sure everyone is glad to see the end of construction on Diamond Drive and personally I’m glad to see the continuous bike lanes.  However, I have to express some displeasure with how they have been executed.  
In particular, turning the right turn lanes at Canyon Road and Sandia into bike lanes.  
This situation forces cars to turn across the bike lane, possibly in front of an oncoming cyclist and increases the chance for a very bad interaction.  
A good example is northbound Diamond Drive at Canyon Road. A large number of cars turn right onto Canyon and drivers are often not alert to the chance for vehicles (bicycles) approaching on their right.  
I have already had what could have been a bad encounter at this location.  
Fortunately, the driver in front of me signaled his intent to turn and I was able to see it and slow accordingly.
If either of us had done otherwise I could have easily ended up running into the side of his truck.
To the county, please consider redesigning the lane markings at high traffic intersections. To cyclists, be alert to the chance of cars to be turning right across the lane, possibly abruptly or without signaling. To drivers, please use your turn signals and keep in mind there may be a bicycle approaching on your right.

Milan Gadd
Los Alamos