A call for clarification from councilors

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By Richard Hannemann

I have questions.  The County’s Strategic Goals document specifically calls on us to “Preserve our history.”  What, exactly, does that mean?  Whose history?  Which history?  What history?  Does the period from 1950 - 2000 count, or are we only talking about the Manhattan Project?  What is meant by “preserve?”  “Preserve” what and in what manner?

 I want answers from Council on this and I suspect there are many others who would like answers as well.  A general Council Corner editorial won’t cut it this time.  I want a written, signed, answer, from each Councilor separately and I want to see each answer from each Councilor in the Monitor — before any further action is taken on the Municipal Building or any demolition project proceeds.


Richard Hannemann

Los Alamos