Business Spotlight: Nu 2 U Consignments has a little bit of everything

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By Gina Velasquez

Los Alamos now has a shop where residents can sell their wares and buy gifts.
Nu 2 U Consignments opened May 3 and has already experienced business growth.
The shop started out with 15 local vendors in May and has since ballooned to 45 vendors and 20 on a waiting list.
“Over the years, we’ve heard how hard it is to start a small business in Los Alamos,” said owner Keith Lindsay. “So far (the response) has been great with customers and vendors.”
“People have come in and thanked us, this place is long overdue,” said co-owner Barbara Lindsay. “The shop has a little bit of everything. People go nuts for used clothes.”
The shop is located at 1460 Trinity Dr., the space where Zia Realty was located. There are several rooms and square footage for rent. People can rent rack space, shelves and cases by the square foot. The cost varies depending on the space for rent.
Floor space is listed in three tiers. For 100 sq. ft. or more, cost is $2 per sq. ft. a month. For floor space 50-99 sq. ft., cost is $3 per sq. ft. per a month and less than 50 sq. ft. is $4 per sq. ft. a month.
The shop retains 30 percent of the price of each sale. As a bonus, the Lindsays offer a deal where if the vendor floor space equals or exceeds the 30 percent the shop takes, then the floor space charge for that month will be waived.
For more details on other rental spaces, a price chart is available at the shop.
The purpose of the shop, Keith Lindsay said, is to encourage entrepreneurship. “There are rewards associated with risks,” he said. “It is a type of test bed to try it out.” Keith said he would like to mentor the vendors while they use the shop as a starting point for a small business.
Keith and Barbara Lindsay have been married for four years and came up with the idea of a consignment store while traveling on the East Coast where thrift shops, etc., are bountiful. When Barbara retired from the Los Alamos National Laboratory recently, they decided to open their own shop.
“People are impressed at the sheer size of the place,” Barbara said. There is a baby clothes room, a room with objects made out of recycled materials, vintage and homemade jewelry, a “man cave” and a Christian area where the shop offers free Bibles to anyone who wants one.
The Christian items are not sold by a particular vendor. There are plenty of gift items to choose from as well.
There are vendors coming and going, hence the waiting list. “If there is a high turnover of merchandise, it makes for a better shopping experience, because there won’t always be the same stuff,” Keith said. He is in charge of inventory.
Keith also has incorporated one of his other passions. Keith runs a photography studio on the same property as the shop and is also a side business of Atomic City Designs. Portraits, events (parties, weddings, etc), digitizing and restoration of old photos, and product photography services are available.
He also does some printing, in a partnership with UPEX, also a local business, for sizes up to 13 x 19. Keith also rents out the studio to budding photographers who need a place to shoot.
Both businesses are a part of Atomic City Designs, Inc.
Another unique aspect of the shop is a big screen TV displays big-ticket items, such as a car or furniture, vendors want to sell but are too big to be brought into the store. There is a 10 percent finders fee for this service.
Keith is a retired veteran of the Air Force and currently works at the lab.
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