Burnside is off by just 1 second Tuesday

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By The Staff

Paulina Burnside just missed out on a perfect prediction at this week’s Atomic City Roadrunners’ Pace Race.
This week’s race was Tuesday. It was run on the trails near Guaje Pines Cemetery.
Burnside was the top predictor Tuesday, missing her finish time by just one second. Her prediction was one of several that came within a 10-second differential. Other top predictions on Tuesday were made by Emily Pittman (3 seconds), Nickol Strother (4 seconds), Nathan Burnside (5 seconds) and Lynn Bjorklund (8 seconds).
The fastest finisher on the 1-mile course was Bob Weeks, who had a finish time of 13:52. Inez Ross finished in 16:03.
On the 3-mile course Tuesday, Alexander Romero and Daniel Romero both finished in 20:12. Talia Dreicer posted a time of 23:48.
The next Pace Race is scheduled for Tuesday. The race will start at Ponderosa Camp Ground, just east of the intersection of N.M. 501 and N.M. 4.
For more information about next week’s race, call 672-1639 or visit the Roadrunners’ website, atomicrunners.com.