Burned body found at home in El Rancho

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Accident: Mobile home caught on fire Sunday night

After the Santa Fe County Fire Department put out a mobile home fire in El Rancho near Pojoaque late Sunday night, the burned body of a woman was found inside the structure.

Santa Fe Under Sheriff Ron Madrid said deputies were called out to assist the fire department.

“They put the fire out and called the State Fire (Marshal’s) office because there was a body that was found,” he said.

Madrid said a positive identification has not been placed on the body, but that an autopsy was performed Tuesday and they were using dental records to determine who the woman is. Madrid said as of Thursday afternoon, the state Office of the Medical Investigator has not yet identified the woman.

Even so, Madrid said the Department has a pretty good idea on who the woman is based on relative’s accounts. He said the mobile home was not the woman’s, but rather a relative’s.

The woman is likely Paula Roybal, age 48, according to a relative close to the situation.

An obituary posted Monday on the DeVargas Funeral Home website states that Roybal was a loving mother, kind person and talented musician and artist.

The state Fire Marshal’s Fire Investigation’s Bureau is currently investigating the cause of the fire and will likely have results if not by Friday, then by the end of next week.