Brief pair of negatives on county issues

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I disagree with George Chandler regarding Sheriff Marco Lucero. I think it is great that he wants to continue law enforcement activities for which he is properly trained and I hope that the LAPD can find a way to utilize his qualifications legally and maximally. Don’t we need all the help we can get?
I disagree with the County Council on the advisability of the current bond election regarding the Leisure Pool addition to the Walkup Aquatic Center. Much as I support the addition, I almost voted against the bond issue because I think the funds should come out of our GRT excess rather than our property taxes.
Which makes the point that a “no” vote does not necessarily mean opposition to the leisure pool addition itself.
If the council felt a need for an advisory referendum, that is what they should have set in motion. The net vote on this may be ambiguous, whichever way it turns out.

Terry Goldman
Los Alamos