Breaking News: Gubernatorial candidates Diane Denish and Susanah Martinez earn top delegate votes

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By The Staff

Both New Mexico Democratic and Republican political parties held state pre-primary nominating conventions today.

Lt. Gov. Diane Denish ran unopposed for governor on the Democratic ticket and earned her spot on the June 1 primary election ballot. Dona Ana County District Attorney Susanah Martinez outdistanced her four Republican opponents for governor to earn a spot on the ballot. Allen Weh also garnered enough votes for ballot placement.

Gubernatorial candidate votes on the GOP ticket:

• Susana Martinez – 46.65 percent

• Allen Weh – 26.32 percent

• Janice Arnold-Jones – 13.16 percent

• Doug Turner – 9.23 percent

• Pete Domenici Jr. – 4.61 percent

Brian Colón earned top votes in the Democratic lieutenant governor’s five-person race. Lawrence Rael also qualified to appear on the ballot by getting at least 20 percent of the vote.

Democratic lieutenant governor votes:

• Brian Colón: 34.3 percent

• Lawrence Rael: 21.9 percent

• Joe Campos: 19.9 percent

• Jerry Ortiz y Pino: 18.6 percent

• Linda Lopez: 5 percent

GOP lieutenant governor votes:

• Brian Moore: 41.24 percent

• Kent Cravens: 27.64 percent

• John Sanchez: 22.81 percent

• J.R. Damron: 8.29 percent

In the Democrats land commissioner race, only Ray Powell reached the 20 percent threshold.

Democratic land commissioner:

• Ray Powell: 44.4 percent

• Harry Montoya: 19.32 percent

• Sandy Jones: 18.6 percent

• Mike Anaya: 17.6 percent

On the Republican side of the land commissioner race, only Matt Rush reached the 20 percent threshold.

GOP land commissioner:

• Matt Rush: 64.87 percent

• James Jackson: 18.03 percent

•Spiro Vassilopoulos: 13.34 percent

• Bob Cornelius: 3.74 percent

Candidates receiving less than 20 percent of the vote can submit additional petition signatures to get a place on the ballot, but their failure to reach 20 percent at their respective conventions typically means it’s over for a candidate. The number of additional signatures a candidate must turn in is based on the number of people who voted in their party’s last primary for governor. Reports indicate no one has ever won a New Mexico primary election who failed to reach the 20 percent mark at the preprimary.