Births 01-28-14

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Oct. 25 — A boy, Austin Grant Watkins, born to Heath and Alison Watkins
Dec. 17 — A girl, Reya Padma Thulasidasan, born to Namrata Menon and Sunil Thulasidasan
Dec. 27 — A boy, Andrew William Brown, born to Ann Marie and William F. Brown
Dec. 27 — A girl, Aubriana Corine Trujillo, born to Alissa Trujillo
Jan. 1 — A boy, Lucas James Epperson, born to Amelia and Adam Epperson
Jan. 3 — A boy, Joel Donald Francisco, born to Mary and Eric Francisco
Jan. 4 — A girl, Kamrynn Kololia Wilson, born to Puataunofo Barber and Nikolaus Wilson
Jan. 9 — A boy, Carlos Becerra, born to Katrina Gonzales and Charles Becerra
Jan. 10 — A boy, Conner Charles Hollowell, born to Brittany and Benjamin Hollowell
Jan. 12 — A boy, Jonathan Michael Maskaly, born to Karlene and Garry Maskaly
Jan. 14 — A girl, Lily Lucy Yarotski, born to Eleonora and Dmitry Yarotski
Jan. 15 — A boy, Jude Martinez, born to Ericka Velasquez and Jason Martinez