Bilingual Montessori creating a kid-size world

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By Kelly LeVan

It won’t be fit for a king – but a princess will feel right at home.

Although the floor has yet to be placed, Bilingual Montessori School, LLC, has already began to look like a child’s paradise. Little giraffes and flowers lie about, waiting to decorate the walls. Six white cribs are ready to go in the infants’ room. Tiny, blue toddler-cots recline against a wall, as does a large table with holes in it designed for high-chair-type seats – keeping children together and making mealtime less of a challenge for teachers.

And in the girls’ bathroom, above a low sink is a pink-framed mirror with the word “Princess” inscribed above the glass.

Within the next few weeks, Odalys González Fernández plans to completely remodel her space at 111 Longview Drive, beside Dance Arts Los Alamos’ (DALA) White Rock studio.

“Everything’s going to be built to kid-size,” she said. “To their level.”

The school will serve three age groups: infants (6 weeks old to 14 months), toddlers (14-36 months old) and children age 3-6. The school will stay open until 6 p.m., instead of 5:30 p.m. like many other schools, for 3- to 6-year-olds, so that parents can run errands on their way home from work, she said, before they have their children in tow.