Bicycle safety demands attention

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By The Staff

Bicycle safety demands attention

Dear Editor,

In reference to the recent article on bicycle safety concerns, I would like to offer my solution.  More citizens are thinking green by riding bikes and motorcycles.

As an instructor of the AARP Driver’s Safety Program, I make drivers aware of how to approach cyclists. But, I also advocate that the cyclists need to be more responsible for being seen.

I propose that it become a law - if you are riding a motorcycle or bicycle on a public road (street) that you must wear an irridescent green vest. (If the ”click it or ticket” law has been so successful … why not a “Wear green  and be seen” law?)

For marketing, require that a vest comes with every new motorcycle or bicycle, and every new license. Businesses, banks, scouting groups, PTO groups hand them out as promotions. Every motorcycle and bicycle manufactured must have a green-vest receptacle attached so the vest is always with the cycle.

To coincide with Pres. Obama’s investments in roads and bridges – improve them to include a safe bicycle lane.

I taught bicycle safety. The law says…ride with traffic as far to the right as possible. Unfortunately, to the right as far as possible is where the broken glass, litter, and holes are. There is not enough room on the roadway to ride safely in areas of heavy traffic.

Who can help me get the political attention and/or media exposure to save lives?

Janet Basinger

White Rock